Friday, October 5, 2007

Internship with Neo Pets has Begun

Hey everyone, well here is my very first blog entry. I am currently doing an internship for neopets. They are a company located in beautiful Glendale, CA. that specializes in kids content for the web. Basically you have virtual pets that need to be fed, and one of the ways you can feed them is by playing flash games for a currency called neopoints. Once you have neopoints you can buy all kinds of items to feed and take care of your pets. There are also many things to explore as you navigate the site. It's basically another world in which your kid can spend his or her entire day playing in.

Currently at neopets I am creating a flash game which is called Smug Bug Smite, and I believe it will be realeased very early in 2008. All this flash stuff takes me back about two and a half years ago when I was doing nothing but Flash work. I guess its good to stay on top of flash.

So since I am aspiring to work in film and television you may wonder why I am working here. Great question? The internship is managed by Nickelodeon studios and I am doing this in hopes that I may be able to intern for them as my second internship next quarter.

If all goes well, which I hope it will, I will be working in production on one of their fabulous new CG shows entitled, "Tak and the Power of Ju Ju" or "Back at the Barnyard".

Below is some pictures of my cubicle and where I work. I also get to commute through the heart of good old Los Angeles two days a week.