Sunday, March 30, 2008

Neo Pets - "Smug Bug Smite" Game Goes Live

That's correct friends, I actually created a video game for neopets. It has over a million plays too. Ya that's right! I can get a million people to play a simple shoot'em up game. I created this game during my first internship with Nickelodeon. Now of course a game with all the art, code and language interpretation doesn't come together by one guy. I guess it could, but that would defeat the work of all the people that slave day and night at neopets, so I would like to give credit where credit is due.

My role in "Smug Bug Smite" was to come up with the game concept, perhaps some concept drawings, which I attempted to do, and then write all the ActionScript for the game to make it happen. Since I am an artist I was dying to do some art, but of course my art skills are in 3D, therefore I let the talented guys in the neopets art department do all the magic.

When you write code at a larger company you always have someone looking over you, and I must say that without the help of a talented individual or two, I wouldn't be able to proof or integrate my code into the gaming system or language translation that makes a million plays possible. Props go out to Ollie, Manager of Games Production, who met me every morning with my ulcer flaring, and always asked me, "So Corey, how's that game coming along?" upon which I would always say, "Great, I think I can knock it out in the next couple of days!" Credit goes to Sam who allowed me to be ambitious and achieve my goals throughout my time at neopets, and last but not least Zim the talented animator who took the the flash drawings of the Bug Brothers and made them come to life. Zim is a talented man. Allot of props to him.

So how does that game work? Basically, you start the game and choose one of three weapons, a can of bug spray, a net gun or a fly paper roll. Any of these weapons pressed at the right time will capture you a Bug Brother. Now why do you want to capture these bugs? Simple, if you ever explore the world of neopia within neopets website, you may loose valuable points that can be used to feed your pet, all in part to these guys. The Bug Brother's steal points, their criminals! This game gives kids a chance to gain some of their valuable lost points back while having fun.

If you want to play the game just click this link Smug Bug Smite