Monday, May 12, 2008

Beardelodeon Contest

The second annual Beardelodeon Contest took place at Nickelodeon on March 14th, and my biggest concern was if I could even grow a beard. Being in the Air Force years back I was so trained to not grow facial hair that I wasn't really sure if it would be possible, but I gave it a chance anyways. I was thinking I could win the 'Baby Face' category, but I had no idea what I was up against.

Oh I didn't mention the categories for this years contest: Mr. Density, Length, Baby Face, and a Mystery Category(Mr. Patchy Face)

On the big day of the contest I quickly realized I had no chance at winning anything, because I had an incredible ability to grow a nice even beard. By the day of the contest my beard wasn't to dense or long, and definately not a baby face beard, and at the time I had no idea what the Mystery Category was yet, but I was there to be a part of it none the less.

Below you can see some of the fun pictures from the event. It was a great way to end the week. In the end everybody that entered the contest won a $25 dollar gift certificate to i-Tunes which was very nice.